The submission of proceedings for XTOP 2014 is now closed 

You can submit an article through the IUCr journals page dedicated for XTOP 2014: 

Please note that you must submit an article through this interface in order for the article to be part of the XTOP proceedings.

The articles will be published online immediately after they have been accepted and edited - you will not need to wait for the entire proceedings to have a valid citation.


Following the established tradition of XTOP, a number (~20 expected) of highlight articles will be published to show main results and trends presented at XTOP 2014.

As with previous XTOP editions, these articles are not "Proceedings", but research papers, not published elsewhere. They:

Journal of Applied Crystallography - XTOP 2012 Proceedings

  • should present new, original research
  • will be published in Journal of Applied Crystallography
  • will be peer-reviewed as regular articles submitted to J. Appl. Cryst
  • the XTOP organisation will cover the cost of "open access" for all these articles
  • the ensemble of the articles will be published in regular issues of Journal of Applied Crystallography, in the first semester of 2015. All the articles will be put together in a 'virtual' XTOP issue for better visibility among our community.

The deadline for the paper submission is 31st October, 2014.

Manuscripts can be prepared following the instructions and templates available on the Journal of Applied Crystallography author pages.